Awesome views…

So the other day while I was driving in my usual Wednesday morning traffic, crawling towards my daughter’s school and not particularly looking forward to my day at work, I looked up at the sky, and saw an awesome sight.  While the sunrise colors usually catch my attention, that wasnt what caught my attention.  On this morning, it was the clouds.  They were formed in this awesome way and with the morning light starting to rise, the view was crazy.  I took out my phone and started taking pictures – this is dangerous, in my attempt to catch the perfect picture, with the view and no lightposts in sight (which I was unable to do), I ended up having to brake suddenly – not paying attention to the road.  But I caught a couple good ones..

Then, the other day at a training I had in Waikiki, after travelling in the rain to get there..I parked in the parking structure and saw this view.  The gray clouds, the water and the rainbow in the distance.  It was so neat.

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