I’m feeling bummed that the weekend is almost over and thus will begin another week of “the grind”.  I spent yesterday lazying around, trying to get over a cold…I got to carve my toddlers pumpkin~she drew the face and I did the carving.  She was so happy with how it came out:








After that, I proceeded to force myself to finish the bag I started, er well, intended to start the night before.  And success, I was able to finish.  It came out okay, but a completed project gets me excited either way. Just happy to have finished something! 









I’ve been feeling quite unproductive in my creative life, there has just been so much going on the past few months I’ve hardly been able to keep up.  Last weekend I got to relax (somewhat), and this weekend I fully intend to get my groove on.

I am determined, and after cooking dinner, feeding the family, and cleaning the kitchen…I decided to just do it.  I took out my trusty machine, how I missed thee.  I’m motivated partially because there I things I have to make, I have a couple of fairs coming up and my etsy shop ( is sadly empty.  Out came the machine, placed in it’s usual spot, with new fabric calling me to turn them into something wonderful.

After getting a drink of water, using the bathroom, checking on and cuddling with my sleeping toddler (the PERFECT time to sew!!), I ended up well….

Yes, my feet are up…yes, I AM laying on the couch, yes…my moment of motivation has passed.  At least I’m watching Project Runway!  Hopefully this can motivate me for my second attempt tomorrow.

We shall see…toodles!

How the time flies…

Can you believe its october? As I go about my days, it’s so hard to focus with so many things going on.  But I’m always sure to take a brief moment to appreciate, painted clouds in the sky, a nice walk in the park and a dazzling sunrise.  How can we all just slow down?  I guess it will be pretty hard with the hustle and bustle of the holidays coming up.  Not to mention the settling in at a new home for me.  thekirakollection shop has been empty for months!!  Now more than ever I need to find the time to sit at my sewing machine and create things that i love.  But the time flies…