I’ve been feeling quite unproductive in my creative life, there has just been so much going on the past few months I’ve hardly been able to keep up.  Last weekend I got to relax (somewhat), and this weekend I fully intend to get my groove on.

I am determined, and after cooking dinner, feeding the family, and cleaning the kitchen…I decided to just do it.  I took out my trusty machine, how I missed thee.  I’m motivated partially because there I things I have to make, I have a couple of fairs coming up and my etsy shop ( is sadly empty.  Out came the machine, placed in it’s usual spot, with new fabric calling me to turn them into something wonderful.

After getting a drink of water, using the bathroom, checking on and cuddling with my sleeping toddler (the PERFECT time to sew!!), I ended up well….

Yes, my feet are up…yes, I AM laying on the couch, yes…my moment of motivation has passed.  At least I’m watching Project Runway!  Hopefully this can motivate me for my second attempt tomorrow.

We shall see…toodles!

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