Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…

So, I’ve had this idea for a year now, ever since I saw something similar while surfing the net.  My boss had told me a while back that they don’t put up a Christmas tree.  They live in an apartment, and she and her husband are very busy people.  Anyhow, one year, she even had this idea that she was going to make a Christmas tree type thing out of chicken wire.  My boss is not the most creative person – but I have to give her credit for the idea.  The chicken wire ended up at our office, being donated to a department that could use it for something else.

So I saw this one day and I told myself that I wanted to make her one.  After getting onto pinterest, I came across another picture of the idea and thought – I can do that!  The picture I worked off of can be found here:  Granted, I don’t have the twinkly lights, but I am so proud and happy with how my twig tree came out!  I figure she can put it up on a wall or on a table.

A month or so ago on my nightly walks, I made it a point to pick up twigs along the way.  (Those twigs ended up sitting in my garage for a month – procrastination, you gotta love it).  I found the cardboard and then lined the edges with a pretty ribbon I got from a friend.  The hardest part to me was placing the twigs.  Figuring out what color, what thickness, what size I wanted where.  But once I got the general placement, I glue gunned the twigs down.

After that, it was pretty much like decorating a regular tree, I found a cute jewelry necklace that I used as garland.

I hadn’t thought about the top until I got to it.  By then, tired and sleepy – I went to my trusted google, and found an awesome origami star tutorial.  Found a complimentary color paper and folded and put on the star.

Finally, I sprayed on some adhesive spray and sprinkled on some glitter – it’s hard to see, but it gave it a nice effect.

I even made a little stand out of the cardboard in the back (I did this at the beginning when I was first cutting the box up)

I love it!  I wish I could keep it but alas, such is always the case when finding/doing things for others.  It is the season of giving, and the spirit of Christmas after all!  This tree looks cuter than my own tree, haha!

Pinterest, how I miss thee…


Didnt even get to surf pinterest because I was busy doing this…wait this idea and pattern was from pinterest! Its more fun surfing, lol.

Just add pillows…

Voila!  Toddler mattresses.  Two down, two more to go.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Pinterest ~ I’ll be back!!