Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…

So, I’ve had this idea for a year now, ever since I saw something similar while surfing the net.  My boss had told me a while back that they don’t put up a Christmas tree.  They live in an apartment, and she and her husband are very busy people.  Anyhow, one year, she even had this idea that she was going to make a Christmas tree type thing out of chicken wire.  My boss is not the most creative person – but I have to give her credit for the idea.  The chicken wire ended up at our office, being donated to a department that could use it for something else.

So I saw this one day and I told myself that I wanted to make her one.  After getting onto pinterest, I came across another picture of the idea and thought – I can do that!  The picture I worked off of can be found here:  Granted, I don’t have the twinkly lights, but I am so proud and happy with how my twig tree came out!  I figure she can put it up on a wall or on a table.

A month or so ago on my nightly walks, I made it a point to pick up twigs along the way.  (Those twigs ended up sitting in my garage for a month – procrastination, you gotta love it).  I found the cardboard and then lined the edges with a pretty ribbon I got from a friend.  The hardest part to me was placing the twigs.  Figuring out what color, what thickness, what size I wanted where.  But once I got the general placement, I glue gunned the twigs down.

After that, it was pretty much like decorating a regular tree, I found a cute jewelry necklace that I used as garland.

I hadn’t thought about the top until I got to it.  By then, tired and sleepy – I went to my trusted google, and found an awesome origami star tutorial.  Found a complimentary color paper and folded and put on the star.

Finally, I sprayed on some adhesive spray and sprinkled on some glitter – it’s hard to see, but it gave it a nice effect.

I even made a little stand out of the cardboard in the back (I did this at the beginning when I was first cutting the box up)

I love it!  I wish I could keep it but alas, such is always the case when finding/doing things for others.  It is the season of giving, and the spirit of Christmas after all!  This tree looks cuter than my own tree, haha!

2 thoughts on “Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…

  1. yusodakine says:

    What a great idea for those who don’t have a lot of space to sacrifice! And how thoughtful of you to think about giving a gift like that =] I’m sure it’ll be greatly appreciated and she can save it for next year too! Merry christmas!

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