Don’t sweat the small stuff…

You may have read my post “You Deserve It…” about my purchasing for myself a new Fossil bag, which I have to tell you, I LOVE.  I guess it’s true that not indulging as much in material things, makes this gift to myself that much more special. 

One day, less than a week after getting the bag, little Kira wanted some hash browns from McDonalds.  Sure thing, no problem.  Anyhow, after driving through and getting her breakfast, I place the bag on my passenger seat next to my purse, and drive along to school.  When we get there, I get her things together and grab the McDonalds bag.  To my absolute horror, the oil from her hash brown had seeped through the McDonald bag, and absorbed into my new $200 purse.  I was sick to my stomach, seriously.


I was still 35 minutes of traffic away from my office where I would be able to do any kind of damage control.  I tried using napkins, but the napkins just fell apart, I tried whatever was in my capability in the car to do.  Alas, I just had to wait it out.

I got to the office and immediately googled how to remove oil stains from leather.  I got a bunch of different solutions, one of which was corn starch.  We have a full service kitchen in our building, I went and got some corn starch.  Really I spent the first 2 hours of my work day, dabbing corn starch on my bag and kicking myself for the having done that.  I was SO mad. 

After a couple hours, nothing was changing, and so I stopped and thought.  Really??  I mean yeah, I just spent my hard earned money on this gift for myself, yeah I really loved it, yeah I never get anything nice for myself.  But then I thought to myself, it is what it is.  I’ve done what I could, get over it.  And I did.  I thought, ah no one will notice and who cares if they do.  I literally wiped it out of my mind and completely forgot about it.  Life is so much more than an oil spot on a brand new purse.  It’s just a purse, how is this really affecting my life?  It’s not.

I remembered it this morning ~ I was sticking something in the outside pocket and it popped into my head “hey, wonder how that oil spot is looking” I hadn’t even had a second thought of it since that day.  And to my delight, low and behold, it was pretty much gone!  I couldn’t believe it!


Don’t sweat the small stuff everyone.  It really is, just small stuff.  It’s the important things you can let take up space in your life, but the other things ~ just let it go.  It is what it is and whatever will be, will be.

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