Costume to custom…

So, I was recently tasked with refashioning a vintage skirt.  She found the skirt at a theater costume sale and loved the look, but it was too full.  Not to mention, vintage sizes are sooooo tiny!  I swear it said size 6 but it was like a size 0 in today’s sizes. 

Image Image

So she gave me a skirt that she wanted it to be similar to.  I simply cut off the waist, because it was too small, but I made sure to keep the zipper because I thought that would still be a good touch.  I laied out the model skirt, and cut up the sides.  The way the skirt was, I thought it should have some shape, and not just be a straight skirt, so I left some of the sides for swaying – cause what girl doesn’t love when her skirt swishes!  And then I simply sewed up the side seams.

Image Image

I added some elastic to the waist, just in case!  And kept the back zipper. 


Easy peasy!  Simple way to refashion.  Happy customer!  She wore it a week later with a more fitted top and it looked awesome!!


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