Goliath’s throne…

So I had another custom request, from the friend who I made the custom couch cover for.  She wanted to cover an ottoman that her dog, Goliath, used as his seat in the house.  His seat was covered in a blanket that could easily be removed and washed because on occassion, Goliath had little accidents.  Here is his seat before:


So my friend went and picked up a shower curtain in hopes of protecting the ottoman a bit, and she gave it to me and asked for a cover.  No problem!  I had a little time to measure and sketch and then off i went.

The shower curtain “fabric” wasn’t hard to work with, but not like regular fabric either.  Anyway, I just went with a simple square cover design with piping, to match the rest of the living room decor that I helped with.




Because I wasn’t able to fit it on the cushion before finishing and I didn’t want to risk my elastic not fitting well…i opted for a drawstring (ribbon) instead.  That way, she could slip the cover on, and tie the ribbon so that it would fit snug onto the cushion.

I was very happy with this piece, AND the best part ~ another happy customer!!  Love the pet project since I can’t have a dog =(…my hubby is allergic, boo.

Goliath on his throne…


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