My sister in law told me about a new site called poshmark, I have yet to check it out, have you all heard of it?  Anyhow, she was telling me about these cute Chevron pillows she saw that she liked and the person offered them to her – or whatever it is that they do on poshmark…I guess you can buy and sell items on the site.  Anyhow, my dear SIL told me – she was thinking to herself – umn hello – my SIL can make me some of those!  Not too long ago I just made some custom pillow covers for a customer and they came out lovely!  One was a nice gray Chevron print, and the other was a teal coral print with orange piping.  She wasn’t sure about what kind of piping she wanted, but I just threw on the orange and she loved it.  I added the hidden zippers for easy removal and cleaning!  I wanted to keep them for myself, but alas – I had to give them up.  They were nice, like 22 x 22 I think.  Sooo comfy!





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