It’s so hard to get motivated sometimes…like the daily grind just really grinds you up and spits you out.  I have so many ideas and wants and goals, but at the end of the day…I can still be content with not getting to any of it, and laying in bed with my little Kira.  (Albeit, she is quite the reason why I get so tired in the first place).

I have a full time job, which thankfully, I enjoy.  Not many people I know can say that.  I also have a part time job, which I don’t enjoy quite as much and really think of it as a chore…but it brings in a little extra money for the family which is always good.  I’m a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader to eight kindergarten girls.  Coming up with activities, lessons, and badge earning interest is a lot of work for these little ones!  And I have my own small business, and even though yes, my Etsy shop sold it’s last item listed a few weeks ago…business has been steady locally and that has been keeping me busy.


(sad empty Etsy shop) www.thekirakollection.etsy.com

It makes me kind of sad though when something like my Etsy shop, and sewing things in general – when even that gets to be something like a chore.  It’s different when you make things, post things, and people buy it…than when people order custom things from you.  It’s more pressure to me.  But all in all, I do so enjoy the time I spend with my sewing machine and most especially finishing a project on my list. 

If only I could find the time and energy to get motivated into actually putting more effort into it, so that it can be more than I’d hoped.  I mean, the extra money is always good – but I love getting emails from the customers.  That’s the best part.

How do you balance life?  Aside from all the above, I have a family to love and care for, a home to tend to, and hey…what about me?!!  Lol. 

How time flies…

Karma in a bottle…

On my tumblr blog (thekirakollection.tumblr.com) I wrote about this awesome alcoholic beverage, Karma.  I love it.  Anyhow, my dear friend had a bday today turning the young age of 32 (which is the best age EVER, ahem) – and so little Kira and I decided to use the bottles I’d saved to create her Karma in a Bottle.  I’ve had this idea for a while (which is why I was saving all the bottles) but never got around to doing it, and what perfect excuse to do so!  I cut off all the extra label info I didnt want and just left the simplicity of the word, KARMA.

So I went and gathered and printed colorful, meaningful quotes or sayingsImage

I then proceeded to individually roll them up and tie them with a tiny ribbon and bow, and I put them into the bottle:


32 of them to be exact.  At the end, the bottle was filled with lovely little notes for her to open up an enjoy. 


It turned out lovely and I can’t wait to make more and put in my shop!  Good Karma to all – remember, Karma’s only a bitch if you are!


How the time flies…

Can you believe its october? As I go about my days, it’s so hard to focus with so many things going on.  But I’m always sure to take a brief moment to appreciate, painted clouds in the sky, a nice walk in the park and a dazzling sunrise.  How can we all just slow down?  I guess it will be pretty hard with the hustle and bustle of the holidays coming up.  Not to mention the settling in at a new home for me.  thekirakollection shop has been empty for months!!  Now more than ever I need to find the time to sit at my sewing machine and create things that i love.  But my..how the time flies…




Awesome views…

So the other day while I was driving in my usual Wednesday morning traffic, crawling towards my daughter’s school and not particularly looking forward to my day at work, I looked up at the sky, and saw an awesome sight.  While the sunrise colors usually catch my attention, that wasnt what caught my attention.  On this morning, it was the clouds.  They were formed in this awesome way and with the morning light starting to rise, the view was crazy.  I took out my phone and started taking pictures – this is dangerous, in my attempt to catch the perfect picture, with the view and no lightposts in sight (which I was unable to do), I ended up having to brake suddenly – not paying attention to the road.  But I caught a couple good ones..

Then, the other day at a training I had in Waikiki, after travelling in the rain to get there..I parked in the parking structure and saw this view.  The gray clouds, the water and the rainbow in the distance.  It was so neat.

Giving = Getting

The mark of the New Year has come and gone.  Celebrations done, kisses given, champagne is gone, fireworks have burst their final hurrah…

It’s tradition and a given that most of us will have created some kind of new years resolution.  It’s funny that you would need the new year to make such life changing changes in your life, but if it works, then all the best to you – whatever works.

Laundry on the Line posted a great blog on paying it forward, and I wanted to share it with you.  I’ve always believed that everything you do has a chain reaction that could compound in ways you’ll never know.  The smile you give to someone passing, the change you give to someone asking, the door you help hold open for someone coming, etc.  These small gestures can be passed along. 

Giving the best in your life results in your getting.  You get satisfaction in knowing that by putting your best self out there – you can expect good things back.  I work for a non-profit who help people with mental and physical disabilities.  It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from them on appreciating life and being the best we can be.  Giving = Getting. 

Taken on my walk home


Giving Stir Fry a try…

So, not craft or kirakollection related – but everything with me is related to food.  I love to eat, and since I’ve recently hit my 30’s, I’ve noticed that my metabolism sure aint what it used to be.  I like to use the excuse of having a child, although that was 4 years ago, it’s still valid isn’t it?  Anyhow, there is a slim-down contest at work, where the first month’s prize was $100, second month prize $100, third month prize (this month) is $500, and then a prize of $100 for maintaining in January.  I coud really use that $500 – especially with Christmas creeping up faster than I’d like!  I’d like to lose at least 10 pounds, but with my love of good food, it’s hard.  I googled so many diets, detox, soup, vegetable and my goodness, who knows where to start!?

So I’ve just started watching.  I have one reasonable meal, and the other meals are either fruit and/or vegetables.  I don’t have anything against vegetables, I enjoy most of them, it’s just the whole preparing part – and the return on your investment – I’d much rather put my efforts into some hamburger patties, or bacon and eggs, you get the point.

Anyways, I’ve started yesterday, and this morning before work I went and got all my vegs to give stir fry a try.  Brocolli, cauliflower, string beans, mushrooms, carrots and fried tofu.  Fried up some garlic (love garlic) in some olive oil, then threw in the hard veggies.  After a bit I tossed in the tofu and mushrooms.  Added a little bit of teriyaki sauce, pepper and voila!  Dinner!

It took me maybe 15 minutes to chop everything up into chunks, and like another 10 to actually cook the food.  AND – IT’S GOOD!  I’m not going to die!  Anways – here’s my dinner for tonight.  Last night it was just a green salad, so this is a step up.

Summer rolls, how I love thee…

So, there’s this place near my work (1/2 a mile to be exact) and they have the best summer rolls.  I make the walk at least once a week.  They are so light and fresh and filling.  They have those white cold noodles, shrimp, mint, lettuce.. they are a pretty healthy alternative to my walking in the opposite direction, to the plate lunch place.  Anyhow, I love summer rolls. 


So on a seperate note, I went to another establishment to pick up dinner one night.  While waiting for my food, I noticed this lovely sign in the window…

I mean really?  If you decided you wanted to give someone less fortunate your hard earned money, or buy them a burger – do you think the Management of the food establishment has the right to tell you that you can or cannot?

Capturing a moment…

This morning we headed to the beach, again (I know!) – for someone who doesnt like the beach I’ve been there quite often these days.  Anyways, this was special because family was in from out of town and we wanted to take some family pictures at the beach.  Not only the beach, but at sunrise.  Yes, sunrise.  So, just before 6am we were all ready on the beach for the first lights of the day with the professional photographer. 

There were a lot of pictures being taken today.

I was able to capture a moment, of a moment being captured… 

what makes you happy?

So this weekend, my family and I headed to the beach, something my daughter loves to do.  It’s funny that I live in Hawaii, but I don’t like the beach.  It’s not so much the beach I don’t like, but the water, and the sand (haha, which make up the whole beach!).  So I usually make camp in the shade of a tree somewhere and watch everyone else swim and play.

This trip to the beach, I had a moment.  For a split second, I felt like I had a moment to myself.  As I was laying under the tree, reading my book, I happened to look up and really see what beauty was around me.  It’s funny that I was on the chapter that says: “what is happiness”.  I mean, it was really a nice day.  And for a moment I was lost in the day, without another thought in the world.  Of course, the moment quickly passed, but that quick moment was so nice.

What is happiness?

There is a lot of beauty in Hawaii, much of which you just pass by without even a second glance.  I’ve really started trying to slow down and really see some of it…

Palm trees anyone?

A flower spotted on my walk to work...

Everyone really needs to slow down.  Take a moment, have a moment, share a moment.