Sock bunnies…

Easter came and went in a flurry of colorful eggs!  I had a girl scout meeting scheduled for Sunday, so we changed it to Saturday so the girls could enjoy Easter with their families.  What better activity to do, than something Easter.  So the girls and I went ahead and made some super cute sock bunnies that I found an online tutorial for here.  It was so simple, and the girls had so much fun.  I just picked up a package of kids socks, brought the rice to fill, had the girls tie off the ribbon for the neck and rubber band for the ears, and draw on a cute face.  We cut the ears and voila!  They loved it.  I get so stressed trying to think of activities they’ll enjoy and I’m glad they enjoyed it.  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

All good…

I been messing around with the tank dresses that I’ve seen many, many tutorials for i found the internet, like this one:  I have so much fabric and have been at a creative block on what to do with it.  Either way, I managed to succeed at completing two dresses in this style.  It always feels good to complete a project.


The husband has been out of town so it has been very one on one with me and little Kira.  But I enjoy it.  The nights she falls asleep early are the nights I get to creep to my machine, turn it on and get lost in the sound of seams being sewn.

I don’t know what it is about this fabric, but I love it so.  Now if I could only figure out what I want to make with it…

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Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree…

So, I’ve had this idea for a year now, ever since I saw something similar while surfing the net.  My boss had told me a while back that they don’t put up a Christmas tree.  They live in an apartment, and she and her husband are very busy people.  Anyhow, one year, she even had this idea that she was going to make a Christmas tree type thing out of chicken wire.  My boss is not the most creative person – but I have to give her credit for the idea.  The chicken wire ended up at our office, being donated to a department that could use it for something else.

So I saw this one day and I told myself that I wanted to make her one.  After getting onto pinterest, I came across another picture of the idea and thought – I can do that!  The picture I worked off of can be found here:  Granted, I don’t have the twinkly lights, but I am so proud and happy with how my twig tree came out!  I figure she can put it up on a wall or on a table.

A month or so ago on my nightly walks, I made it a point to pick up twigs along the way.  (Those twigs ended up sitting in my garage for a month – procrastination, you gotta love it).  I found the cardboard and then lined the edges with a pretty ribbon I got from a friend.  The hardest part to me was placing the twigs.  Figuring out what color, what thickness, what size I wanted where.  But once I got the general placement, I glue gunned the twigs down.

After that, it was pretty much like decorating a regular tree, I found a cute jewelry necklace that I used as garland.

I hadn’t thought about the top until I got to it.  By then, tired and sleepy – I went to my trusted google, and found an awesome origami star tutorial.  Found a complimentary color paper and folded and put on the star.

Finally, I sprayed on some adhesive spray and sprinkled on some glitter – it’s hard to see, but it gave it a nice effect.

I even made a little stand out of the cardboard in the back (I did this at the beginning when I was first cutting the box up)

I love it!  I wish I could keep it but alas, such is always the case when finding/doing things for others.  It is the season of giving, and the spirit of Christmas after all!  This tree looks cuter than my own tree, haha!

The naked doll…

I always have great intentions.  I’m not usually a procrastinator, but man – sometimes there just isnt enough time in the day to get things done.  Anyhow, I had a craft fair coming up.  Just a small one, and I wasnt too worried about inventory.  But I like to get things together, make a few new things if possible.  But every time I sat at my machine to sew, something had to be done.  So I’d get back up and some nights, never return. 

It was the last weekend before the fair, and my last chance to really sew anything new to add to my stock.  So I sat at the machine and got to it. 

Needless to say, within 10 minutes, my 4 year old daughter was sitting next to me. 

“Mommy can I help you?”

“Sorry honey, not right now, mommy has work to do”

“Are you going to sew something mommy?”

“Yes baby, mommy is going to sew”

She then climbs off the chair and disappears, I think that maybe she has gone to keep herself occupied.  As I turn back to my machine, she comes back with her favorite doll, Chloe, who is now naked.

“Mommy, Chloe needs clothes because she’s naked”

“Honey, what happened to her clothes?

“I don’t know, but she’s cold”

So, after 15 minutes of asking my daughter if I could make Chloe something another day – wait, who’s the Mommy here? – I decided it would just be easier if I made Chloe some clothes.  After all, we couldn’t have her hanging around naked now could we?

Soo, I traced Chloe’s body and commenced to make her a dress (which I forgot to take a picture of) and a shorts and shirt, as requested by my toddler.  It took me a lot longer that I had hoped.  My daughter, the budding fashionista didnt like the scraps I was choosing to use to make her outfits, so eventually I had to pull the Mommy card and just tell her, too bad. 

Needless to say, Chloe got her new dress (not pictured) and a new jersey knit top and some spongebob capri pants/shorts.  And by the end of all that, Mommy needed a break. 

At least my daughter was happy, even though 5 minutes after all that work was done, she had moved on to another toy to play with.  And Chloe, with her new outfit, was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Baby steps…

So I told myself today I would work on crafting, since Dec will be here before you know it and we’ll be getting ready for craft fairs.  So i said I’d complete 3 pairs of baby shoes.  I know, that’s not much considering how simple they are – but between that and watching and keeping my 4 year old occupied, it is quite an accomplishment, and as the title suggests…baby steps.

How cute are these?

I also finished a pair of reconstructed shorts and a zipper pouch!  I’m on my way to craft fair inventory, lol!

Hope to make time to work on new projects…

I know everyone out there has things they want to do, but are just so busy, tired, etc.  I have so many ideas, things in my mind and I read so much about how if you want to do something, you make the time.  But man, when that bed is calling my name, when that TV show has me hooked, I find a hard time focusing on those ideas in my head.  It’s lame, I know.  I really hope to get going on some projects.  Anyone working on anything big?