Refashioned beach dress to fun everyday bag…

So I found this super cute surf brand O’Neill dress at a garage sale recently, and there were some flaws in it, but I just loved the print SOOO much, I couldn’t pass it up!  I ended up taking it apart and making a simple everyday bag out of it – and it turned out great!

dress recon

I really wish that I had more fabric of this since it’s so fun, but just posted the bag to the shop.  It did have some minor flaws that I couldn’t sew around, but overall, I’m so happy with how it came out!

photo3 photo5

photo4 photo2

Vintage for sale…

I’ve recently posted some vintage items for sale in my etsy shop!

vintage for sale

vintage for sale2


It’s funny how I keep thinking I have so many things I want to do, but yet when it comes down to the time to do it, I sit and stare and think and…sit and stare and think, repeat.  In the end, nothing gets done, and then I feel guilty at having let precious time pass by without having gotten anything done.  I like to tell myself it’s because I have so many ideas that I can’t focus, when really, I think I’m just lazy.  If I could just get myself to do more doing, instead of thinking about doing… “I sit and stare at all this fabric and still can’t get motivated to sew something…”


Simply charming…

I know a lot of people who make jewelry.  My two sisters make beautiful jewelry, and being in Hawaii there is a lot of beach glass and shell jewelry.  I wanted to try my hand at something simple, but as it turns out – it is not my thing.  I posted some very cute, sweet and simple charm necklaces in my shop for sale.  Check it out if you’re interested!  Could make a great gift too.  AND, free shipping!  Who doesn’t like anything free?  Feel free to comment if you have any questions, thanks for stopping by!



Wipe those feet…

So okay, my husband and I bought our first home a couple of years ago.  We LOVE it!  When we moved in, there was a lot of work that had to be done, one of which – was the ripping out of old, and putting in brand new carpet.  The carpet was sooo expensive and took a big chunk of our money, and as such, we were so very paranoid about it getting dirty.  My husband got this grand idea, that everyone in the house would have to wipe their feet before going on the carpeted area.  Our downstairs is flooring, and so when you walk around on the flooring your feet tend to get dusty and dirty.  So, we got a refillable baby wipe container, and have been wiping our feet before going upstairs.  It’s crazy to some, but we’re like that I guess, lol.

At first, we just had this little bucket thing to put all the “dirty” wipes in.  After a while, I wasn’t feeling how it looked, so I decided I’d sew something.

I ended up making a type of bag – similar to one you might put in your car for rubbish.  And we just hung it from the handrail.  I have to admit, I like it!

It’s lined on the inside with plastic vinyl – for easy cleaning (but I’ve just thrown it in the washing machine), and the bottom of the bag has a velcro closure flap.  So the bag can be carried nicely to the trash, and the velcro bottome opened up – all the dirty wipes fall right out into the rubbish.  It has a simple opening to insert the wipes, and a tie.

It looks much better to me than the bucket thing we had initially!




Into 2013…

The holiday craft fair season has come and gone. We’re now into February and getting on into 2013. Why is the time going by at this ridiculous speed that I can’t seem to catch up with? I’m glad the holiday season is over and we had a lot of fun at the craft fair. It is always fun to hang out and check out all the passers by. Whether it was making money or spending money, we all did pretty good.

(My little sis with some of my stuff)


(SIL’s headbands)


(Little sis earrings)



(Mom’s cork plants and signs)


Hope your 2013 is off to a great start!!

Karma’s coming…

Been trying to get it together for these craft fairs I have coming up, but not much luck. I’ve been busy with so many other things, life, work, kids, husband, baby showers…I really need to get on it. Finding it hard to get inspired even though I’ve been making these cute inspirational message bottles. These are mini karma brut bottles that I drank -it would be a shame to waste the alcohol-lol, and cleaned out. I simply printed inspiration quotes I found online on photo paper, rolled up, tied and stuck them in. There are thirty one messages in each bottle, one for each day of a month. These would make a great little gift! Hope the craft fair shoppers think so too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Goliath’s throne…

So I had another custom request, from the friend who I made the custom couch cover for.  She wanted to cover an ottoman that her dog, Goliath, used as his seat in the house.  His seat was covered in a blanket that could easily be removed and washed because on occassion, Goliath had little accidents.  Here is his seat before:


So my friend went and picked up a shower curtain in hopes of protecting the ottoman a bit, and she gave it to me and asked for a cover.  No problem!  I had a little time to measure and sketch and then off i went.

The shower curtain “fabric” wasn’t hard to work with, but not like regular fabric either.  Anyway, I just went with a simple square cover design with piping, to match the rest of the living room decor that I helped with.




Because I wasn’t able to fit it on the cushion before finishing and I didn’t want to risk my elastic not fitting well…i opted for a drawstring (ribbon) instead.  That way, she could slip the cover on, and tie the ribbon so that it would fit snug onto the cushion.

I was very happy with this piece, AND the best part ~ another happy customer!!  Love the pet project since I can’t have a dog =(…my hubby is allergic, boo.

Goliath on his throne…


Costume to custom…

So, I was recently tasked with refashioning a vintage skirt.  She found the skirt at a theater costume sale and loved the look, but it was too full.  Not to mention, vintage sizes are sooooo tiny!  I swear it said size 6 but it was like a size 0 in today’s sizes. 

Image Image

So she gave me a skirt that she wanted it to be similar to.  I simply cut off the waist, because it was too small, but I made sure to keep the zipper because I thought that would still be a good touch.  I laied out the model skirt, and cut up the sides.  The way the skirt was, I thought it should have some shape, and not just be a straight skirt, so I left some of the sides for swaying – cause what girl doesn’t love when her skirt swishes!  And then I simply sewed up the side seams.

Image Image

I added some elastic to the waist, just in case!  And kept the back zipper. 


Easy peasy!  Simple way to refashion.  Happy customer!  She wore it a week later with a more fitted top and it looked awesome!!