Enjoy life…

I’ve come a long way in life.  And as everyone else, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, rights and wrongs, woulda’s, shoulda’s, coulda’s, mistakes, misfortune, etc. etc.  But looking back, and as cliche as it is, there are no regrets in…or for my past.  I chose the paths I took, and along those paths I learned many things about life, others, and most importantly, myself.  What more can you ask of life?  Life is what you make of it, and you only have one chance to make it worth it.  I stand now where my life choices have brought me…I can slow down the whirling day and the constant and never-ending grind…and I can appreciate it.  Appreciate life, appreciate what it has given me, and appreciate myself for having always done my best, no matter what it was.  If I was sneaking out of the house after the parents went to sleep, I did my best.  If it was taking me 10 years to get my 2 year degree, I did my best.  If I’m laying on the couch, vegging out because I don’t feel like doing a damn thing, you can bet your ass I’m doing the best vegging I can!  In everything I do, I try to remember that I can’t give any more than my best…and I can’t give any less than that either.

I know sometimes I complain, about being too busy…but really ~ it’s better than being NOTHING AT ALL.  Life is short.

“There is no way to happiness…happiness is the way”


Giving = Getting

The mark of the New Year has come and gone.  Celebrations done, kisses given, champagne is gone, fireworks have burst their final hurrah…

It’s tradition and a given that most of us will have created some kind of new years resolution.  It’s funny that you would need the new year to make such life changing changes in your life, but if it works, then all the best to you – whatever works.

Laundry on the Line posted a great blog on paying it forward, and I wanted to share it with you.  I’ve always believed that everything you do has a chain reaction that could compound in ways you’ll never know.  The smile you give to someone passing, the change you give to someone asking, the door you help hold open for someone coming, etc.  These small gestures can be passed along. 

Giving the best in your life results in your getting.  You get satisfaction in knowing that by putting your best self out there – you can expect good things back.  I work for a non-profit who help people with mental and physical disabilities.  It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from them on appreciating life and being the best we can be.  Giving = Getting. 

Taken on my walk home