Wipe those feet…

So okay, my husband and I bought our first home a couple of years ago.  We LOVE it!  When we moved in, there was a lot of work that had to be done, one of which – was the ripping out of old, and putting in brand new carpet.  The carpet was sooo expensive and took a big chunk of our money, and as such, we were so very paranoid about it getting dirty.  My husband got this grand idea, that everyone in the house would have to wipe their feet before going on the carpeted area.  Our downstairs is flooring, and so when you walk around on the flooring your feet tend to get dusty and dirty.  So, we got a refillable baby wipe container, and have been wiping our feet before going upstairs.  It’s crazy to some, but we’re like that I guess, lol.

At first, we just had this little bucket thing to put all the “dirty” wipes in.  After a while, I wasn’t feeling how it looked, so I decided I’d sew something.

I ended up making a type of bag – similar to one you might put in your car for rubbish.  And we just hung it from the handrail.  I have to admit, I like it!

It’s lined on the inside with plastic vinyl – for easy cleaning (but I’ve just thrown it in the washing machine), and the bottom of the bag has a velcro closure flap.  So the bag can be carried nicely to the trash, and the velcro bottome opened up – all the dirty wipes fall right out into the rubbish.  It has a simple opening to insert the wipes, and a tie.

It looks much better to me than the bucket thing we had initially!




New home…

My mom and I have this thing…when we’re at the craft fair we tend to get separation issues when our items sell.  Does this happen to you?  You put a lot of thought, time, work and mostly love into everything you make.  And while thrilled that someone loves it as much as you do, that only means you have to let it go.  We joke about it, but it’s so true – especially when my mom makes those really cute sock animals that she makes.  Anyhow, I did a few project recently for a friend of mine, and this past weekend I got to go to her house (to pick up more projects to work on!) and got to see the new home of the things that I spent many late nights working on at my sewing machine.  Needless to say, they look so different in the environment they were made for, than on my living room floor, haha.  I was thrilled at how lovely everything turned out.  And, on top of that, I got a lot more work out of it.  Between my full time job, my part time job, taking little kira to Karate classes, being a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter’s troop and trying to run a side business – I really need to get moving here.  The holidays are going to be here before you know it, I mean look – it’s already JUNE!

At least I know that it will be going to a lovely new home, as we know all our things do.  It’s nice to see the love you put into something being loved, used and enjoyed by someone else.  After all, what other reason is there?


My workspace (aka living room floor): Custom cushion cover, matching dual sided pillows, contrasting orange pillows with piping:




Custom lined curtains for little girls bedroom: