Hope to make time to work on new projects…

I know everyone out there has things they want to do, but are just so busy, tired, etc.  I have so many ideas, things in my mind and I read so much about how if you want to do something, you make the time.  But man, when that bed is calling my name, when that TV show has me hooked, I find a hard time focusing on those ideas in my head.  It’s lame, I know.  I really hope to get going on some projects.  Anyone working on anything big?

what makes you happy?

So this weekend, my family and I headed to the beach, something my daughter loves to do.  It’s funny that I live in Hawaii, but I don’t like the beach.  It’s not so much the beach I don’t like, but the water, and the sand (haha, which make up the whole beach!).  So I usually make camp in the shade of a tree somewhere and watch everyone else swim and play.

This trip to the beach, I had a moment.  For a split second, I felt like I had a moment to myself.  As I was laying under the tree, reading my book, I happened to look up and really see what beauty was around me.  It’s funny that I was on the chapter that says: “what is happiness”.  I mean, it was really a nice day.  And for a moment I was lost in the day, without another thought in the world.  Of course, the moment quickly passed, but that quick moment was so nice.

What is happiness?

There is a lot of beauty in Hawaii, much of which you just pass by without even a second glance.  I’ve really started trying to slow down and really see some of it…

Palm trees anyone?

A flower spotted on my walk to work...

Everyone really needs to slow down.  Take a moment, have a moment, share a moment.