It’s funny how I keep thinking I have so many things I want to do, but yet when it comes down to the time to do it, I sit and stare and think and…sit and stare and think, repeat.  In the end, nothing gets done, and then I feel guilty at having let precious time pass by without having gotten anything done.  I like to tell myself it’s because I have so many ideas that I can’t focus, when really, I think I’m just lazy.  If I could just get myself to do more doing, instead of thinking about doing… “I sit and stare at all this fabric and still can’t get motivated to sew something…”


Into 2013…

The holiday craft fair season has come and gone. We’re now into February and getting on into 2013. Why is the time going by at this ridiculous speed that I can’t seem to catch up with? I’m glad the holiday season is over and we had a lot of fun at the craft fair. It is always fun to hang out and check out all the passers by. Whether it was making money or spending money, we all did pretty good.

(My little sis with some of my stuff)


(SIL’s headbands)


(Little sis earrings)



(Mom’s cork plants and signs)


Hope your 2013 is off to a great start!!

Goliath’s throne…

So I had another custom request, from the friend who I made the custom couch cover for.  She wanted to cover an ottoman that her dog, Goliath, used as his seat in the house.  His seat was covered in a blanket that could easily be removed and washed because on occassion, Goliath had little accidents.  Here is his seat before:


So my friend went and picked up a shower curtain in hopes of protecting the ottoman a bit, and she gave it to me and asked for a cover.  No problem!  I had a little time to measure and sketch and then off i went.

The shower curtain “fabric” wasn’t hard to work with, but not like regular fabric either.  Anyway, I just went with a simple square cover design with piping, to match the rest of the living room decor that I helped with.




Because I wasn’t able to fit it on the cushion before finishing and I didn’t want to risk my elastic not fitting well…i opted for a drawstring (ribbon) instead.  That way, she could slip the cover on, and tie the ribbon so that it would fit snug onto the cushion.

I was very happy with this piece, AND the best part ~ another happy customer!!  Love the pet project since I can’t have a dog =(…my hubby is allergic, boo.

Goliath on his throne…


Costume to custom…

So, I was recently tasked with refashioning a vintage skirt.  She found the skirt at a theater costume sale and loved the look, but it was too full.  Not to mention, vintage sizes are sooooo tiny!  I swear it said size 6 but it was like a size 0 in today’s sizes. 

Image Image

So she gave me a skirt that she wanted it to be similar to.  I simply cut off the waist, because it was too small, but I made sure to keep the zipper because I thought that would still be a good touch.  I laied out the model skirt, and cut up the sides.  The way the skirt was, I thought it should have some shape, and not just be a straight skirt, so I left some of the sides for swaying – cause what girl doesn’t love when her skirt swishes!  And then I simply sewed up the side seams.

Image Image

I added some elastic to the waist, just in case!  And kept the back zipper. 


Easy peasy!  Simple way to refashion.  Happy customer!  She wore it a week later with a more fitted top and it looked awesome!!


Back in the day…

So okay, I love my grandma.  She is literally the queen bee of my family, like the Godfather – except she’s Asian, maybe 4’10”, at most 95 pounds – but when she talks, everyone listens.  When there are problems, big decisions to be made, drama…everyone goes to her.  She’s the hub.  But don’t get it twisted, when you think of grandmas you think milk and cookies – oh no, not my grandma.  She believes in tough love, her words will cut you, she will hit you with the broomstick if she feels you deserve it (you can ask my brother).  She’s not the kiss-the-boo-boo type of grandma, she slaps on the bandaid and tells you “stop crying you’re not dying, grandma doesn’t like cry babies” (you can ask my daughter this one).  She’s wise, she’s gone through some stuff, and when anything unknown comes up it’s always – “well ask Grandma”.  There are 5 living generations on that side of my family, my daughter being the youngest, then me, my father, my grandmother and my great grandmother.  While we don’t see her often, I do love when my daughter gets to visit with her great-great grandmother.  And my little one in fact has 4 great grandmothers alive.  Anyhow, there are alot of years there.

So a while back, grandma called me since she knows I sew, I sell stuff, I sell vintage stuff – and asked if I wanted to come by and grab some things from her closet that she no longer wanted.  She said maybe I could make a few dollars out of them.  So we went through the bags, and it was touching to see a soft side of her as she reminisced with me about time periods of her life that she wore those clothes.  Pointing out her favorites, telling me about places she’d gone – my grandfather (who has long since passed) of course in the military these stories included Panama, Germany, the States…I almost didn’t want to take the clothes, but she insisted.  She said she had no need for them anymore.

It’s for sure that I can’t fit the clothes and I don’t have the heart to cut them up.  It was hard finding models who could get the buttons buttoned up or zippers zipped up because she is such a tiny woman.  But they say great things come in small packages.  Vintage items have so much history.  Its great to think someone else might be able to enjoy the life these clothes have lived.


New home…

My mom and I have this thing…when we’re at the craft fair we tend to get separation issues when our items sell.  Does this happen to you?  You put a lot of thought, time, work and mostly love into everything you make.  And while thrilled that someone loves it as much as you do, that only means you have to let it go.  We joke about it, but it’s so true – especially when my mom makes those really cute sock animals that she makes.  Anyhow, I did a few project recently for a friend of mine, and this past weekend I got to go to her house (to pick up more projects to work on!) and got to see the new home of the things that I spent many late nights working on at my sewing machine.  Needless to say, they look so different in the environment they were made for, than on my living room floor, haha.  I was thrilled at how lovely everything turned out.  And, on top of that, I got a lot more work out of it.  Between my full time job, my part time job, taking little kira to Karate classes, being a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter’s troop and trying to run a side business – I really need to get moving here.  The holidays are going to be here before you know it, I mean look – it’s already JUNE!

At least I know that it will be going to a lovely new home, as we know all our things do.  It’s nice to see the love you put into something being loved, used and enjoyed by someone else.  After all, what other reason is there?


My workspace (aka living room floor): Custom cushion cover, matching dual sided pillows, contrasting orange pillows with piping:




Custom lined curtains for little girls bedroom:



Seller stalker…

So recently we did a craft fair and this nice lady came and bought one of my handmade, handsewn bags.  It’s one I was pretty proud of since I hadn’t worked with that particular fabric before.  I guess she had her eye on it, because she came right up to me and picked it off the display and handed me her bills.  Easy transaction…

Anyhow, I asked her if she wanted a bag to put it in, and she politely declined and just slung the bag over her shoulder and off she went. 

After she left, I realized that I had never took a picture of the bag!  Yikes!  How can I put it in my book if I don’t have a picture!  Like a stalker, I followed her around with my phone, pretending to be texting, while trying to catch a decent picture of it.  Haha, that’ll teach me to take pictures of everything before going to a fair!  Oh wells!  It’s always nice to see someone using something you made isn’t it! (mine is the one without the b!tch on it! =)



All good…

I been messing around with the tank dresses that I’ve seen many, many tutorials for i found the internet, like this one:  I have so much fabric and have been at a creative block on what to do with it.  Either way, I managed to succeed at completing two dresses in this style.  It always feels good to complete a project.


The husband has been out of town so it has been very one on one with me and little Kira.  But I enjoy it.  The nights she falls asleep early are the nights I get to creep to my machine, turn it on and get lost in the sound of seams being sewn.

I don’t know what it is about this fabric, but I love it so.  Now if I could only figure out what I want to make with it…

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