Happy New Year, yes I know it’s March

2 months of 2014 have already passed me by, where they went ~ I have no idea.  It’s really kind of sad.  Time just flying by…I’ve been so busy with my 9-5 job and it’s really been affecting my home life as well as any hopes of sewing on the side.  I still have my part time work that I cram in too.  It’s been just crazy the past 6 months with no slow down in sight.  But, if you really want something, you’ve got to do it.

work you didnt do

I very well can’t be “be upset by results I don’t have with work I haven’t done”.   I just really need to get it together.  I’m determined.  It’s already the 3rd month of the year.

Cushion comfort…

My latest project, a custom couch seating cushion, has had me going to sleep past my bedtime.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my bedtime is very early, haha ~ usually with my falling asleep while putting little Kira to bed.  If it’s any consolation, I wake up very early as well. 

Anyhow, my latest project has had me up later than usual.  Which is fine.  I enjoy it.  Husband tells me it’s not worth the money I charge with all the work I appear to be doing, but it’s not only about the “work” part of it.  I do enjoy it. 

After a long day at work, some time doing my part time job and now, here at my sewing machine though…things start to get a little blurry. 

In deliriousness, I see that my sewing pins resemble the pattern on my project…

Yes…maybe I should go to bed.  I’ll share the finished product once I’m done.  That’s the best part!